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Ios and Android are the most known and common platforms for game building. In RAKOST we can build a game that works on both platforms. Despite that,mobile app gaming is the most efficient platform since it can be accessed at any time and in every where even when offline.


RAKOST often built for the purpose of increasing performance in modern computer games that increase graphical and processing power. One of the most significant differences between regular and gaming machines is video processing which needs high performance.


developments and improvements to modern browsers.With us, it’s now possible to build quality games using web technologies. In RAKOST, we’ll provide you with the tools, frameworks, and tutorial to create games. We’ll explain usage and how they fit together.

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There are many different types of video games, and typically, they're categorized by their characteristics. Sure, it can be confusing, but start to understand how developers and publishers categorize their titles. But no matter what your interest, there is definitely a game genre that will appeal to your taste.